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What you tweet book by Germany kent

You are what you tweet: The beauty of this excellent-written book is its practical step-by-step approach. It works! Clear, simple and practical advice that anyone can apply to maximize their social presence. The book combines the best of technology and social issues, outlining our social responsibility. The keys to gaining followers and building your brand – it’s all in here with inspirational tips to those who follow you and understanding your target audience as you set out to reach your online goals. The lines are not blurred as Kent does a wonderful job of showcasing the importance of both as a necessity. The book is exploding with insightful tyrants that are sure to make even the most tenacious learn a thing or two. Very well done. But, don’t take my word for it – order your own copy, you won’t be disappointed.

is an outstanding book. Mere words can’t even be used to describe the magnitude of self-discovery I
found throughout its pages. To say that this book provided an enlightening journey of realism is an
understatement. I highly recommend this title to anyone who wants to create better method of
fulfillment in their life.

You Are What You Tweet by Germany Kent is a guide to becoming Twitter savvy fast, and is a good reference to pick up the best Twitter etiquette. A very important part of using Twitter as a communication medium, the author tells us in the beginning, is to “Say something worthwhile and people will listen.” A brief discussion on the background of Twitter and a bit more detail on the protocols and manners to be adhered to follow next. The power of Twitter, as the author mentions, is to educate, entertain and to evoke emotion – the specifics of each of these is given due attention in this book. The importance of forming a strategy and how that will depend on the role one would assume in Twitter, as well as the methodology of adding vitality to one’s Tweets and related issues are also covered.

Germany kent you are what tweet is not just a practical guide. I found it greatly helpful in creating my strategy. The author has provided bulleted lists and other tips with every new introduction of a concept, enabling quick reference and review. A comprehensive Twitter glossary and list of Twitter services that improve one’s efficiency, by creating and scheduling your Tweets, and other tools that help one track performance are also included in this book. This makes it helpful in learning the nuances of Tweeting. Overall, this is a very good book, an exceptional product from an ‘overtime’ author.